Take a First Look at the 2017 Super Air Nautique GS20 Electric

2017 Super Air Nautique GS20 Electric

Wakesurfing is an American invention (read How to Wakesurf, if you haven’t yet caught the craze), and the 2017 Super Air Nautique GS20 is an all-American boat. Built in Orlando, Florida, wake surfing and Nautique boats go together like baseball and Louisville Slugger, or open highways and Harley-Davidson. So it might seem a little strange that our First Look Video of the new GS20 comes to us from a boat show in Dusseldorf, Germany. After watching it however, we’re pretty sure you’ll understand why.

As reviewer Alex Smith mentioned, the use of an electric powerplant could open wake surfing up in a number of areas where it previously wasn’t possible because of restrictions on gasoline powerplants. What about the reference he made to cost? The 223,000 Euros equate to $237,573 ‘Merican dollars (at the time of this post was written), which is, as he mentioned, a bit more than twice the cost of a gasoline-powered GS20.

This isn’t Super Air Nautique’s first foray into the world of electric boats. In 2012 they introduced an all-electric 230 E, equipped with a pair of automotive electric engines providing 160 kW of thrust. The matching Li-ion batteries were good for 78 kWh. And of all the types of boats out there, it would seem that wakesurf and wakeboard models—which are designed to throw large wakes—would have the least problem with being weighted down by a bunch of batteries.

The GS20 is a bit more advanced than that first electric Nautique, with up to 220 kW of thrust powered by lithium-ion manganese batteries that pack 100 kWh. And while we scoff at Smith’s use of those strange terms like “meters” and “Euros,” we quite agree with his assessment that the boat’s 2.5 hour running time and quick recharge period are more than acceptable for an average wakesurf trip on the lake.