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Tips on How to Avoid the Outboard Winterizing Blunder

Avoid this Outboard Winterizing Blunder

Hey boater—yes friend, we're talking to you—if you're about to winterize your boat, we certainly hope you've read How to Winterize a Boat: Prepping for Hibernation. We gathered expert input from far and near to put this all-encompassing article together, and it'll walk you through winterizing everything from the bilges to the batteries. What it doesn't cover, however, is this one big outboard engine winterizing blunder. Whatever you do this fall, make sure not to...

Four-Stroke Outboard Oil Check Tutorial

four-stroke outboard

Checking the oil level in a four-stroke outboard is about as basic as maintenance gets, and should be part of the “pre-flight” routine of every outboard owner. But I’m guessing many outboard owners go an entire season without lifting the cowl, because our boats–like our road vehicles–are so reliable and maintenance-free these days that we don’t give much thought to oil and filters. My truck has 200,000 miles on the clock and still goes 7,500 more between oil changes without using a drop of lube. So I don’t check it often.

Easy Boat Repair Tricks

Big or small, basic or customized, every boat needs to be maintained. Fortunately, routine maintenance and small repairs aren't that tough. In the long run, a little elbow grease will definitely pay off.

Wash Your Boat

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