Stabicraft 2050 Frontier Review

What ship do you choose if you are a tackle manufacturer having a lodge in Northern Queensland? Well, if you're the owner of Zeikel Lodge you choose a Stabicraft. However, not just any Stabicraft, you'd go for something that allows excellent fishing all around the ship, the ability to fish in semi enclosed water and something large enough to head overseas to chase pelagics around the reef. As its name implies Frontier fishing is what you will do.

Stabicraft may not be the prettiest boat on the industry but regardless of the tank such as look, they're a much sought after platform. They are an aluminium build with a look that looks like a RIB and the Frontier using its back mounted console is the perfect fishing platform.

The 2050 is really a deep boat. It is the very first thing I noticed when I stepped aboard lately. The flooring is set low in comparison to the gunwale height and instantly provides a secure environment with practically no possibility of toppling overboard. This makes it an superb platform for offshore fishing with the high sides keeping you secure and the gunwale an excellent height to lean against coming up to my mid thigh in the deepest aspect of the ship.

The console on the 2050 we analyzed is relatively small in the plot of the overall platform yet has enough space for 2 multi function display units, one dash mounted and the other on a bracket above. There is not much room for anything else. The steering wheel is mounted flat on the surface and in the instance of this boat I felt that the throttle was too near the steering wheel. It's also quite stiff so smooth controlled acceleration is not really possible. Below are two shelves which will handle most of your small belongings, but if you would like to be confident of storing things in working order, deliver a dry bag just in case. For demanding conditions or standing passengers either side of the console, there's a sturdy grab bar over the top of the console.

I really do love the breadth on the gunwales on such boats. It provides multiple benefits including a great and comfortable place to sit while fishing but more importantly, the width enables a wide and broad shelf along each side that fits far more than a traditional shelf. The topsides of the gunwales are also covered in grip, which makes them a secure place to stand while going into the boat from a wharf of pontoon. As you would expect on a fishing vessel, there are rod holders (not as many as I want ), cup holders, rails and eventually welded cleats positioned at crucial points along the sides. There is also a large bait tank in the rear port corner using a viewing window at front. One battery in this situation in mounted onto a shelf below the transom, although with the electronics nowadays I'd consider two.

Up front under the casting deck are two cavernous storage places. These can be employed to fit tackle boxes, safety equipment or a combination of the two. Whoever has also covered the traditional checker plate onto the platform and flooring using EVA foam grip which is extremely comfortable under foot. I'd add this myself if I was to use this manner of boat anywhere where sunlight can heat the floor up enough for you to fry an egg on it.


The boat is powered with a 2015 150 Honda engine previously on another ship before being swapped over so it's well and truly been conducted in. It's 25hp below the maximum rating for this hull but after running around for the afternoon, I get the feeling that 150horses is greater than enough with this hull. It receives the ship up on the airplane quickly and contains more than enough high end to keep most owners happy. Additionally, it is a four stroke power plant is insanely quiet and has that iconic Honda noise about mid range that sounds like it may go on indefinitely and never miss a beat.


The Stabicraft 2050 is a wonderful good feeling vessel underway. The driving position provides a good view ahead along with the steering wheel is positioned well whether standing or sitting. As mentioned previously the throttle is located too near the wheel, however a smaller throttle than the one supplied with the recent Honda 150hp fitted would fix that matter.

I found the hull design very dry considering it's a centre console which can traditionally be quite moist. We crossed Pittwater during a solid enough knot Nor' Easter running perpendicular to the wind and chop and didn't get bucked around in any way. We also just got a few sprays where water driven out to the left came back to the boat. The strand has a fine entry and retains water well down courtesy of the good chine that begins at the bow and runs down to where the hull flattens out at the stern.

The distance onboard for fishing signifies up to three people can move about with relative ease. There's so much space onboard for individuals and together with the front casting platform, immediately ahead of the console or the transom all uncluttered and free. There are two pedestal chairs located immediately ahead of the console on either side of the boat. The equilibrium at rest is also exceptional with three to one side barely tipping the ship in any way.


Make no mistake, this is a serious and tank-like fishing platform. Anybody looking for something simple to tow but with dimensions ought to consider the Stabicraft 2050 Frontier. It has room aplenty and handles just like a fibreglass vessel making it the perfect inshore/offshore option. It's big too and distance is a precious commodity when all your partners want to step aboard.