Reviewing The Supreme S202: Watersports Boats Value Leader

Supreme S202

You know how much you can spend on a new towboat if you’ve been paying any attention to the world of watersports over the last several years, Often it’s the kind of money that can get you a nice house in a midwestern state. If you haven’t been paying attention, yes, new towboats can be that pricey. The good news is they don’t have to be. With its new S202, Supreme delivers a wakeboarding and wakesurfing machine that offers the style, function and wakes today’s buyers demand at a price that’s downright reasonable.

XO 360 Review

XO 360 Boat

An uber-tough all-weather rocketship, the XO 360 will transport you anywhere in any weather


Tips for Choosing The Best Marine Diesel Engine

marine diesel engine

Whether you’re considering a new boat or planning to repower an old one, here are guidelines for thinking about which marine diesel engine is best for you.

Introducing The BassCat Puma FTD Bass Boat

BassCat Puma FTD

Bass boats like the BassCat Puma FTD are designed for neck-snapping acceleration, eye-watering top-end, and—like many of the boats we featured in 10 Bass Boats that will Blow You Away: Cast Action Heroes—performance that lets you compete on the bass circuit like a pro.

Marine Diesel Fuel -What You Need To Know

Modern marine

Compared to gasoline, diesel fuel has some advantages in the boating world, but it needs careful attention too. There’s been a lot written in recent years about the effects of ethanol-laced gasoline in the boating world, and all of the issues—both real and perceived—relat

The Everglades 273 CC Review

The New 2017 Bavaria E40 Review

The BRIG Eagle 780 Review

The BRIG Eagle 780 Boat

Running at 40-plus mph in a short, 2-foot chop isn’t usually comfortable, but BRIG’s Eagle 780 RIB did so with amazing ease. Its 7.8-meter length (25 feet 9 inches) bridged three to four waves at once, while its deep-V hull (23-degree deadrise at transom, flowing to 38 degrees forward) cleaves them open. And this RIB’s 2-foot diameter Hypalon tubes absorb whatever impact there is when the hull comes down while also knocking down spray. At speeds in the 20s, our test boat rode through the chowder like a Bentley.

Boating Tips for How to Anchor Your Boat

 How to Anchor Your Boat

Anchoring a boat is a simple process but if you miss any of these key factors, your boat won’t stay put.

Truth be told it’s pretty easy to anchor your boat. You drop the anchor to the bottom, secure the line, and the anchor does all the rest of the work… right? Not so fast—there are a few items you should know about, before anchoring a boat. Here’s a simple, straightforward run-down of the basics.

10 Boating Safety Equipment Checks

boating checkout

boating check out

For many boaters, January is a period of downtime, and that makes it a great month to inspect and update safety equipment — particularly if you have pulled it off the boat for winter storage. Here is my suggested 10-point checklist, but feel free to add to it and use each new year to ensure the season ahead is as safe as possible.


1. Check Flares


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