New app designed for help the boat in dilemma

A new app could do the trick that you could do more to help migrants without joining a humanitarian group. The Migrant Offshore Aid Station (MOAS)'s I Sea iOS app lets you scour satellite images to spot refugee boats in trouble and alert rescue teams to their location.

The idea is so simple that no one has thought of it before.  The app doesn't make clear how long you have to monitor your assigned patch, though.The app takes satellite images of search and rescue team routes, divides them into millions of small plots and assigns them to users to monitor.

Music Equipment on boat Recommendation

We listen to music regularly and it's almost always on in the background of our boat during wake-time hours.  We actually have three iPods full of tunes that we have accumulated over the years so even though some of it might be "dated", there's enough music on board to keep things interesting.Our iPods are full of mainstream pop hits (Nicki Minaj, Lady Gaga and, yes, Jimmy Buffett included), mixed with some international beats, a fair amount of reggae, a dash of country, a nice smattering of classic rock, a hint of techno and just about every musical genre in between.

A DIY Boat with mutual functions

There isn’t anything Elon Musk wouldn’t do.Not to mention the successful SpaceX  landings,he’s just successfully wrapped up the field testing for the hyperloop. 

It  wouldn’t seem out of place imagining a conceptual boat design powered by Tesla .It's an amazing work.The concept boat has two powertrains mounted symmetrically on the

left and right, providing speed that is independent of vibrations or engine  noise.Motors innovation, now would it?

A giant Chinese container ship become the first vessel to get through expanded Panama canal

A giant Chinese container ship has become the first voyage to move from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean via the newly-enlarged Panama Canal.People gathered together at the Cocoli locks to celebrate this good news with fireworks and cheers.

 Juan Carlos Varela,the Panamanian President, regarded this waterway as a route that would unite the world.

The president thanked the nearly 30,000 people who had worked on the canal's expansion.

Construction on the new lane for the canal, which runs for 77km (48 miles), began in 2007 and was due to finish in 2014.

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