Technology is changing day in and day night in this century,so does the craftship in boat making.Here’s a catamaran yacht concept that takes a step in the right ecological direction. Designed by Rene Gabrielli, the concept is based on the preference for harnessing sun and wind energy and a one-of-a-kind design. It’s all wrapped up in a sleek package that’s futuristic aesthetic is sure to turn heads at the next Catalina Wine Mixer.

Reviewing The Boston Whaler 280 Outrage With Fishing Machine

Boston Whaler has been building a 28’ long Outrage for years—along with models in the line ranging from the 18 Outrage (which has been replaced by the 190 Outrage) all the way up to the monstrous quad-engine 420 Outrage. For 2016, however, the offering is all-new, in the form of the 280 Outrage. And while it shares a number of traits with the 28’ Outrages of years past, the 280 has been brought up to date with a slew of features found on its larger siblings.

Reviewing The Shearwater 26 Carolina Boat

Unlike some,  the builder of the 2016 Shearwater 26 Carolina takes extra measures to add a dash of comfort and a pinch of luxury to the boat.However,like most bay boats,the 2016 Shearwater 26 Carolina  is designed for fishing, fishing, and more fishing. 

Introducing The MasterCraft XT23 Crossover Powerboat

Today we get a look at their latest and greatest, the MasterCraft XT23 Crossover Powerboat. This outstanding and unique ride comes boasting some great attention to detail, and brilliant use of space throughout.Its Summer, its hot, and a day on the water is a great way to stay cool and entertained. The good folks over at Mastercraft are no strangers to offering entertainment on the water, crafting some brilliant boat designs that offer a number of options for your recreational needs.


When the turn of the century rolled around, we all bemoaned the lack of hovercrafts while full-well knowing we had them – they just weren’t futuristic enough for us yet.Hovercrafts are unique in that they have one foot firmly in the real world while the other is totally in the world of science fiction. Renegade’s IQ hovercraft is one of the more accessible versions available today, and while they’re no Jetson’s hovercraft, they sure are fast and fun as hell.

A Trail Ferry Run To Occur Sometime In 2018

Why complaining about the MBTA becomes a  favorite Boston pastime , mostly because there isn't an alternative,but also because it's miserable and always crowded and never on time. However, a reinvigorated effort focusing on the Boston waterfront could be changing all that.

“When people look to come to a destination, one of the top things they look at is a transportation network,” James Folk, the director of transportation for the Massachusetts Convention Center Authority, told the Boston Globe. “Right now, that’s lacking a little bit, and we’re hoping this piece will help.”

Making A Execellent Boating Trip This Summer

With the summer holiday coming,it is the perfect time to create boating memories.Although I am more of a canoe/kayak guy, I have had some wonderful times in my past in a boat.Boating is a great way to spend time with family or by yourself surrounded by nature. 

Boating in the Boundary Water’s Canoe Area (BWCA)

Top 5 luxury sailboat journeys in Asia  

From Indonesia’s Komodo Islands and the marine wonderland of Raja Ampat to Burma’s undiscovered Mergui Archipelago, these boats sail some of Asia’s most stunning seas.On a luxury sailboat, the journey really is the destination.  Decked out in the height of luxury with expert crews and ample sporting equipment, these luxury vessels promise a truly knock out nautical adventure. We can’t think of a better way to explore Asia’s most stunning waters,therefore,  here are our favourite five luxury sail boats.

Silolona, The Komodo Islands, Indonesia

Essencial Boat Equipment For Camping

Although it is fun and exciting, there are a few things that you need to write in the list while planning a trip for a boat camping in order to be safe and enjoy your trip fully without any hassles. Here are 4 essentials of the list:

New app designed for help the boat in dilemma

A new app could do the trick that you could do more to help migrants without joining a humanitarian group. The Migrant Offshore Aid Station (MOAS)'s I Sea iOS app lets you scour satellite images to spot refugee boats in trouble and alert rescue teams to their location.

The idea is so simple that no one has thought of it before.  The app doesn't make clear how long you have to monitor your assigned patch, though.The app takes satellite images of search and rescue team routes, divides them into millions of small plots and assigns them to users to monitor.


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