New motor yacht concept-Sarco concept boat’s 112m-year-old design

New motor yacht

Timur Bozca’s sleek new motor yacht concept-Sarco,which hopes to usher in a new era of boat design – by going back 112 million years to the days of the dinosaurs.


New motor yacht model
His 19-metre luxury boat is considerably less scary than the Ferocious Sarcosuchus Crocodile that its appearance is based on.


Luxury motor yacht inner space
 Powered by twin MTU V10 2000 M94 engines, it is probably quite a bit louder than its inspiration too.

And it will be considerably faster through the water with a claimed top speed of 53 knots.


Centrally positioned cockpit

Designer Bozca claims its very strong and fastback appearance blends the best elements of car and yacht design. Its carbon fibre body provides ‘a high degree of safety and extreme torsional stiffness,’ he said.

To show off the power of the engines they are visible beneath a rear glass cabinet connected to the sun bed.

19 metre luxury boat model

The centrally-positioned cockpit enhances the driver’s sensation of power. The idea inside the cabin is to convey light and space in a compact area while the use of smart OLEDs for lighting and display gives a crisp, futuristic appeal.


 Crocodile Scale model

According to Bozca's saying that we can step into a new era of boat designing by using advanced materials and technology.