The New 2017 Bavaria E40 Review

2017 Bavaria E40

2017 Bavaria E40 boat

Look at the new 2017 Bavaria E40 from the side, and you might never notice what’s so unusual about this motorboat. Yes, it has a flybridge helm station, inboards, a saloon, and cabins. But the transom is unlike any you’ll find on other powerboats, with a swing-down swim platform that transforms into a “teak beach,” just like those found on many modern sailboats. Inside the main cabin there’s another interesting twist: the lower helm station is located aft in the cabin on a centered pedestal, much like those found on many sailboats. Just how well do these sailboat-inspired touches work on a power cruiser? Jump aboard and get a look with our UK reviewer Alex Smith, who saw the Bavaria E40 at the Southampton Boat Show and shot this short video.


It shouldn’t be a huge surprise that Bavaria would be a powerboat builder to try incorporating design features traditionally used on sailboat. After all, Bavaria has been building sailboats since the late 70’s. They still build them today—see our Bavaria 37 Cruiser review, or take a look at our Bavaria Cruiser 51 video, to see some examples—so design elements that may not occur to powerboat people are in this builder’s DNA. Does that make for a better motorboat? That’s for you to decide.