Moomba All New Helix Review

Moomba’s all new Helix

One of the most affordable ways to get into a wake sports boat - Moomba’s all new Helix. Well! It’s impossible to talk about the Moomba Helix without talking price, so let’s be up front about it. The base price of the Helix is $56,760, which about half of what you could spend on a new wake sports boat. Even if you did spend twice the Helix’s MSRP, you’d still be paying roughly 55 percent of what you could spend on a wake sports boat. For those of you keeping score at home, that means you could spend upward of $200K on a wakeboard boat. Wait, what? Yes, 200 large. The industry has gone nuts and as long as people will pay those sums, the longer it will continue. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Moomba has long been the go-to manufacturer for entry-level boats that still deliver the goods, like the Moomba Mojo or the Moomba Mondo The Helix is no exception.

Price we covered, so let’s move on to look at the standard equipment the Helix offers. The engine is Indmar’s Raptor, which produces 400 HP and that’s plenty. There’s no optional engine package, and in all reality, you don’t need one. But hardcore wakeboarders and wakesurfers are going to want some optional equipment, so let’s check a few boxes and see what happens from the perspective of someone on a budget, whose options pertain only to on-water performance and the wakes.

The boat comes standard with a tower, but no Bimini. A Bimini is $1,000 extra if you want one. We don’t. We also don’t want optional graphics or any other gee-whiz features that don’t enhance the wakes. What we do want all the wake enhancements we can get. That means we’ll need the Flow 2.0 Surf Package for $2,190, the Autowake package for $840 and the Zero Off Cruise Control for $880.

That brings the total to $61,630, but because the Helix comes standard with Digital Cruise Pro 3 with you don’t really need the Zero Off setup. Use that money for the optional fixed wakeboard racks, which cost $630. That puts us at $61,380 on a trailer. That’s a bargain on today’s tow boat market.

The standard ballast system holds 1,700 lbs. of water. The Flow 2.0 Surf Package adds 400 lbs. more of capacity under the bow, and three wake-tuning plates at the trailing edge of the running surface. Those wake plates are easier to tune with Moomba’s AutoWake technology, a big plus on a value-leading boat. AutoWake monitors the running attitude of the boat, adjusts ballast levels automatically and maintains optimal hull position for surfing or wakeboarding.

Moomba All New Helix

Snap-in carpet comes standard, as does the convertible rear bench seat, which slides forward from its aft bench position so people can watch the action behind the boat. It’s a little odd that the backrests don’t come standard. They’re part of a rear-facing backrest kit for the convertible rear sliding seat ant the starboard lounge.

It can be difficult to find a wakesurfing boat for under $100K let alone $65K. The new Moomba Helix provides buyers one of the most affordable ways to get into a new boat—with the features found on models costing tens of thousands more.