Technology is changing day in and day night in this century,so does the craftship in boat making.Here’s a catamaran yacht concept that takes a step in the right ecological direction. Designed by Rene Gabrielli, the concept is based on the preference for harnessing sun and wind energy and a one-of-a-kind design. It’s all wrapped up in a sleek package that’s futuristic aesthetic is sure to turn heads at the next Catalina Wine Mixer.

Massive telescopic sails capture additional wind energy in a design previously unseen on current catamaran models.At the center of the boat are two electric turbines powered by lithium batteries that are charged daily thanks to the yacht’s solar panels, which cover a third of the boat’s surface.It includes a moveable main cabin, offering a large open terrace for summer afternoons, a pool in the center for those uninterested in getting in the ocean, two decks on both port and starboard sides of the yacht, and a plush interior that brings everything together in one handsome concept we hope comes to fruition.And while these alternative energy sources are indeed attractive, the concept also hosts some desirable amenities as well.