Essencial Boat Equipment For Camping

Although it is fun and exciting, there are a few things that you need to write in the list while planning a trip for a boat camping in order to be safe and enjoy your trip fully without any hassles. Here are 4 essentials of the list:

1. First aid Kit
The most important thing to take with you would of course have to be a First Aid kit that could become the most precious thing for you when you are out there in the boat, far away from the shore surrounded by water. Make sure to carry paracetamol, and analgesic beside the antacids, aspirins and the pills for nausea or vertigo. Your First aid kit should also contain cotton, antiseptic lotion and bandages besides adhesive bandage and a thermometer. Put all the medicines in water proof packaging before you put it in the box.

2. Maps and Compass
Your maps and directions can either be laminated or covered in waterproof or plastic material to avoid them from getting wet by accident. Your navigating gear and aids like the compass, GPS tracker etc. should also be covered or packed in waterproof material.

3. Personal Belongings
Your personal belongings should be kept light and very functional. Take clothing that can be mixed and matched. Try to carry lightweight cotton, voile, lycra or parachute material or water proof clothes that take up less space and make up for less weight plus they can keep you cool during the day and when layered, can keep you warm if the temperature drops.

Pack all your clothes in waterproof packages. Avoid carrying materials like down or fleece. They become useless if they get wet. Take plenty of sunscreen. Carry instant food that will take up less space and will avoid the hassle of cooking and cleaning. Do not forget to carry ample supply of water and other liquid in form of juice.

4. Camping Gear
You might be planning to camp on the way on different camping sites along the shore. Be sure to pack your camping gear for this. Your camping gear may include the tent and sleeping bags besides the equipment for building a fire and grill skewers to grill the fish you may have got after fishing in the water.