The Comfortability Guide The Life - Regal 2300 RX Surf

With the explosion of wakesurfing and boaters jumping on board (pun intended) as quickly as anything the world of watersports has ever seen, it’s no surprise that sterndrive owners demanded a safe surf option. When Volvo Penta came out with its Forward Drive system, Regal stepped up to the plate and created a surfboat with the fuel economy, layout and top speed that sterndrive owners love.


With the Regal Surf System, customers can now create a wave and safely surf it on one side of the boat or the other without transferring any weight around. The system uses dual stern tabs that are actuated at the dash to displace water and create a wave that can be surfed without a towrope. The surf system, as well as the majority of the boat’s primary operating functions, can be controlled through RegalVue, the boatbuilder’s proprietary touchscreen interface. The entire dash is mercifully simplified because the touchscreen handles all the heavy lifting. There are analog gauges as well, but only for quick reference and redundancy. For a boat that does this much from the dash, it’s a clean layout.

On top of that, this is still a Regal, and as expected, we found ergonomic seating and an intelligent deck plan, along with two luxurious chaise-style lounges on the sun pad. Surfing may be hot, but there are other reasons to buy a boat.

Heading under a bridge or trailering? Forget about pulling pins, unscrewing knobs and putting on your back brace; the 2300 RX Surf has you covered with a fully automatic tower. Just hit the button and your tower goes up or down.

Comfort is at a premium in the 2300 RX Surf, with two rear-facing chaise-style lounges that sport adjustable backs. The seatbacks can also be swung into forward-facing positions perfect for running down the lake. A center walk-through provides easy access to the water, or you can throw in the filler seat to make a full bench at the back.