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The New Regulator 31 Review

Grand Soleil 46LC: New Series of Long-Distance Cruising Yachts

Grand Soleil 46LC

The Grand Soleil 46LC is the second boat to be launched in this Italian boatyard’s new series of long-distance cruising yachts, and was voted European Yacht of the Year in 2016. The 46LC (designating Long Cruise) aims to provide the utmost in comfort for two people plus occasional guests, who spend a lot of time aboard and intend to cover significant distances while ocean cruising.

A New Type of Sport Cruiser: The 2017 Formula 350 CBR Outboard Review

 Formula 350 CBR Outboard

The 2017 Formula 350 CBR is a new type of sport cruiser. Formula is known for building stern-drive powered sport cruisers, but if you saw our review of their new 430 SSC then you know that they’ve begun experimenting with outboards—and the 350 CBR Outboard is their next hull to hit the water with eggbeaters on the transom.

A Tradition of Comfort & Fishability: The New 2017 Boston Whaler 230 Outrage Review

new Boston Whaler 230 Outrage

Today there are many different boat builders that can make the unsinkable claim, and there’s possibly no more competitive space in boating than center console fishing boats—especially those between 20’ and 26’ in length. Unsinkable—that’s the marketing mantra Boston Whaler has been using to sell its center console boats since the 1950s.

The 2017 New Grady-White Freedom 235 Review

The 2017 New Grady-White Freedom 235

No matter how well a boat sells after a few years the manufacturer generally redesigns the model to bring it up to date, and we shouldn’t expect anything different when it comes to the Grady-White Freedom 225—or, should we? Instead of the usual face-lift, despite this model’s popularity Grady-White has come out with an all-new Freedom 235 for 2017

The 2017 New High-Performance Go-Fast Boat Review

Go-Fast Boat

Well! The new high-performance boats from Cigarette Racing Team, Outerlimits, Mystic, and Skater at this year’s Miami International Boat Show. There’s no bigger stage than the Miami International Boat Show when it comes to new-model debuts. No consumer event boasts a brighter spotlight and a broader audience. That applies to high-performance V-bottoms, catamarans, and center-consoles, of course. This year’s event Feb.

Reviewing the 2017 New Leopard 43 pc Power Catamaran

Leopard 43 pc/Moorings 433 Power Catamaran

Yep, power catamarans may be the boats of the future. Power catamarans like the new Leopard 43 pc are a fast-growing segment of the boating market. Combining speed, fuel-efficiency, comfort, and easy handling, there’s much to like—but I wanted proof. So, eschewing the usual single-day boat test, I chartered a Moorings 433 (a Leopard 43 pc with three cabins) for a full week in the British Virgin Islands to find out what the fuss was about.

The New High-Performance MTI 340X Catamaran Outboard-Powerboat Review

A 2017 New Pershing 5X Factor Yacht Model Review

Pershing 5X Factor

It’s a step in a bold new direction, and although the “X” in its name is borrowed from aviation (designating an aircraft that’s experimental or a prototype), this yacht seems well past being experimental. Ferretti’s in-house team and naval architect Fulvio De Simoni joined forces to create a new design aesthetic that has already proven to be so popular with the new 2017 Pershing 5X Factor that a whole series of vessels is expected to follow.

The New 2017 Centurion Ri257 Review

Centurion Ri257

The new 2017 Centurion Ri257 is another amazing Centurion boat,” said Paul Singer, president of Centurion and Supreme Boats. “It offers the same world-class waves, wakes, and ride, with more room for family and friends.


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