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Simrad NSS evo3 with IPS Screen Technology

Simrad NSS evo3 with IPS Screen Technology

IPS screen technology makes viewing your MFD far better, in more ways than one. When Navico, the parent company of Simrad, invited us down to Florida to view all of their new for 2017 products, one we took a special interest in was the NSS evo3. MFD units have become the “brain” of a boat, and now it’s more important than ever that we be able to view their LCD screens at all times. Simrad claimed the IPS (in-plane switching) screen on the evo3 made it possible to see the screen while wearing polarized sunglasses, even from a 170-degree angle. Could it be true?

Should You Choose a Jet Boat?

Marine Diesel Fuel -What You Need To Know

Modern marine

Compared to gasoline, diesel fuel has some advantages in the boating world, but it needs careful attention too. There’s been a lot written in recent years about the effects of ethanol-laced gasoline in the boating world, and all of the issues—both real and perceived—relat

Helpful Tips For Easily Retrieving Your Boat

The first step in retrieving your boat is to back the trailer into the water. Small trailers with no boat can be hard to see from a full-size pickup, but dropping the tailgate can alleviate this blind spot. In any case, be sure the trailer is straight as it enters the water.

Tips for Keeping Cool Aboard Your Boat

Cases Study To Keep Your Crew Comfortable And Safe

Putting the safety of your crew and vessel first is the essence of good seamanship. The good seaman embraces practice, review and the willingness to learn in order to maintain a high safety standard. Safety is paramount. Be that as it may, I consider endeavoring to provide crew comfort an integral part of good seamanship too. Let’s take a look at some comfort malpractices by examining the actions of three notional skippers.

Easy Boat Repair Tricks

Big or small, basic or customized, every boat needs to be maintained. Fortunately, routine maintenance and small repairs aren't that tough. In the long run, a little elbow grease will definitely pay off.

Wash Your Boat


Technology is changing day in and day night in this century,so does the craftship in boat making.Here’s a catamaran yacht concept that takes a step in the right ecological direction. Designed by Rene Gabrielli, the concept is based on the preference for harnessing sun and wind energy and a one-of-a-kind design. It’s all wrapped up in a sleek package that’s futuristic aesthetic is sure to turn heads at the next Catalina Wine Mixer.

Essencial Boat Equipment For Camping

Although it is fun and exciting, there are a few things that you need to write in the list while planning a trip for a boat camping in order to be safe and enjoy your trip fully without any hassles. Here are 4 essentials of the list:

Music Equipment on boat Recommendation

We listen to music regularly and it's almost always on in the background of our boat during wake-time hours.  We actually have three iPods full of tunes that we have accumulated over the years so even though some of it might be "dated", there's enough music on board to keep things interesting.Our iPods are full of mainstream pop hits (Nicki Minaj, Lady Gaga and, yes, Jimmy Buffett included), mixed with some international beats, a fair amount of reggae, a dash of country, a nice smattering of classic rock, a hint of techno and just about every musical genre in between.

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